Investments in Switzerland

As a Swiss organization, we have been active in the field of real estate in Switzerland for 15 years. Our role in the Swiss market plays a unique role in the purchase of a (second) home for non-Swiss residents. With the low interest rates on savings and high inflation, it may be advisable to invest in Switzerland.

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The real estate market has had a stable return for years. There are currently investment oppurtunities in Switzerland in combination with a hotel concept, fixed return and/or rental options. Curious what we can do for you? Please contact us or schedule an information meeting.

Investing Switzerland

Investing in Swiss real estate

Invest in the safe haven of Europe, a strong independent currency and a beautiful holiday destination. With projects in all parts of Switzerland, we offer a suitable investment for every wish and situation.

In addition to a safe investment, Switzerland has various tax benefits for, among other things, wealth, income and inheritance tax. As a specialist, we are happy to tell you all about this, so that you get the best return from your assets.

Why invest in Switzerland?

  • Stable political climate
  • Highly developed banking sector and currencies
  • Attractive holiday destination
  • Very high quality of life

Investments in Switzerland

Financing investment in Switzerland

Financing an investment property is also an option. Switzerland has a low interest rate of about 1% depending on the selected bank and mortgage. A mortgage can be taken out for 5 to 35 years with the conditions that it is paid off before the 70th year of life.

Naturally, the bank looks at obligations in the country of origin, such as a mortgage, rent, loans, alimony and (outstanding) debts. Proof of assets, income, pension and investments is also examined for the financial status.

Have a question or need guidance? We are happy to help in the process to ensure a smooth process.