Mortgage for a home in Switzerland

Do you want to take out a mortgage in Switzerland? These are often supplied by Swiss banks, but in some cases by pension funds or government agencies. When you meet the basic conditions, banks will more easily issue a mortgage for a home in Switzerland. As a specialist in the purchase and sale of real estate in Switzerland, we provide support throughout the entire process. We assist in the process with our partners in financial, legal and notarial matters.

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The options for providing a mortgage for a home in Switzerland depend on the financial situation and the house you are planning to buy. As a non-Swiss, you can expect a mortgage of 50 to 80 percent of the asking price. The mortgage lender not only looks at the financial resources, but also at any obligations in their own country, such as mortgage, rent, loans or alimony. In addition, you will be asked for proof of income. Income, pensions and investment income are considered.

Mortgage Switzerland

Need a home mortgage in Switzerland?

We have been assisting in the purchase and sale of houses in Switzerland for over 15 years. Partly due to our efforts, a change in the law has taken place in collaboration with the Swiss government that increases the buying and selling opportunities for non-Swiss people. Banks in Switzerland always grant a mortgage in Swiss Francs. This is possible for a period of 5 to 30 years, whereby the mortgage for a home in Switzerland must be paid off before the age of 70.

The interest is approximately 1%, but this varies per mortgage. In general, interest rates in Switzerland are the lowest in the world, which makes arranging a mortgage in Switzerland a wise choice. Especially in combination with (rental) income that is paid out in Swiss Francs. This currency is very stable with a stable return. Investor and investor confidence is high due to the excellent Swiss financial system, banking secrecy and the country's economic and political stability.