Mortgage in Switzerland

Real estate in Switzerland is stable due to political stability, developed banking sector and high quality of life. In addition, when buying a house in Switzerland, you must finance at least 20% yourself. A 100% financing from a mortgage in Switzerland is therefore not possible. It is expected that the buyer uses own resources for a property in Switzerland. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

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Are you considering buying a (second) home in Switzerland? FIRST. has supported the purchase and sale of real estate in Switzerland for over 15 years. The buying process can be complex, therefore we inform, advise and guide you throughout the entire process. The country is versatile and has a lot to offer. You not only realize a dream, but also invest in one of the most solid housing markets in the world.

Mortgage Switzerland

Mortgage in Switzerland for non-Swiss

For our clients abroad, the rule is that if 40% is financed from own resources, you can obtain the remaining 60% through a mortgage. This financing is based on the property value. Also the bank performs a check whether the interest charge (actuarial interest rate of 5%) can be borne based on the world income / assets.

Advantages of a mortgage in Switzerland

Repayment is rarely or never required. An additional advantage of the mortgage in Switzerland is that the interest is fully deductible from rental income. This makes the power lower and therefore also the associated power tax. This is lower than surrounding countries in Europe.

In addition, interest rates are very low to keep it less attractive to hold Swiss francs for the appreciation compared to the slow Euros. The Swiss Franc is simply a safe haven worldwide in troubled times. An interest of 1% is currently possible.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.