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Switzerland is perhaps the most beautiful country in Europe. In addition to pure nature, rules, democracy and security are still important here. Living and investing in Switzerland is therefore an interesting option. As a real estate agent in Andermatt and other parts of Switzerland, we know the market and assist with the purchase and sale of realty. Curious? Ask for more information or contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

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If you want to buy a (second) home, for example, a real estate agent in Andermatt can offer a solution. As a specialist in Swiss real estate, we know the laws and regulations like no other. In this way, everything is properly arranged in one go and you will not be faced with surprises. We are happy to help with financing and we provide information about the possibilities to achieve the highest possible return from your investment.

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Real estate agent in Andermatt

The houses in our offer are suitable as permanent residence, but also as a holiday home or for rental. first. has over 15 years of experience as a real estate agent in Andermatt and other parts of Switzerland. In addition to assistance with the purchase and sale of houses in Switzerland, we offer legal and financial support.

Investing for non-Swiss can be more complex than elsewhere. We know the laws and regulations like no other and provide support throughout the entire process.

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For sale in Andermatt

Below you will find an overview of homes that are currently for sale in Andermatt. In recent years, for example, considerable investments have been made in the development of new real estate projects. You can invest from CHF 460,000 with surfaces ranging from 27 to 616 square meters.

  • TurmFalke
  • Smartstudios Eisvogel
  • Gotthard Residence
  • Enzian
  • Arve Apartments
  • Alpenrose
  • Schneefalke
  • Oberalpreuss
  • The Chedi Penthouse Gems

Tax benefits of a home in Andermatt

In addition to a good return, buying a (second) home in Switzerland has various tax benefits. Think of rental, deduction on income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and real estate tax. As a specialist, we are happy to tell you all about this. Therefore take

Why invest in Switzerland?

  • Political stability
  • Highly developed currencies and banking sector
  • Popular holiday destination
  • Popular and solid housing market.
  • Fiscally attractive.
  • Very high quality of life.