Real estate: hotel concept with financing

For many years, financing for interest rates has been low, great for people buying a second home in Switzerland and bad for those who like to see their savings grow. This theme is of course known to all and is therefore the reason for interest in second homes as an investment; return on the one hand means rental, on the other hand enjoy yourself for a few weeks a year. Various investment options are available, whereby you can finance rentable real estate with a hotel concept through a mortgage.

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To achieve a good return FIRST. develops projects in a hotel concept. This has been a demand from the Swiss people since the "Zweitwohnungs Initiative" of 2012. At first glance, this seemed like a threat to the second home market, but now in 2021 we can happily see that the market has completely changed for this.

Hotel concept and financing

Rentable real estate with hotel concept and financing

The demand for lettable properties is much greater than for purely personal use. The new generations are not obliged to go on holiday in the same location over and over and want more of the world, and in that time the home even generates money instead of just costs. This is not to mention the stable and steady increase in property value in Switzerland.

In addition to many European countries, it is quite possible in Switzerland to finance a rentable home with a hotel concept. In addition, the costs are also fully deductible, just like with the first (residential) house.


In short, we will continue to develop our projects with a hotel concept in the near future. Financing with mortgage from curious where FIRST. new project development? Contact us directly.