Real Estate in Aargau

In the north of Switzerland, the canton of Aargau is located between Basel and Zurich. Consisting of four versatile regions, the canton has a lot to offer. Think of culture, nature, water and relaxation. It is not without reason that real estate in Aargau is very popular among holidaymakers and investors. Looking for a (second) home in Switzerland? We at FIRST. specialize in the purchase and sale of Swiss real estate and are happy to advise you.

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Investing involves questions that we, as a specialist, are happy to answer. For example, when purchasing a house in Switzerland, you can run into obstacles as a non-Swiss. We know these like no other and guide you through a smooth process. In addition, we would like to inform you about the possibilities and tax benefits of real estate in Aargau for an optimal return.

Real Estate Aargau

To invest? Real estate in Aargau

You naturally want to invest your assets wisely. Real estate in Switzerland may be the solution. The safe harbor of Europe has a stable political climate and a strong currency. In addition, the high quality of life, the beautiful landscape and the limited supply make real estate in Aargau very popular.

Real estate financing

There are business and private solutions for financing. As a non-Swiss, it is possible to obtain a mortgage of 60% of the purchase amount from a Swiss bank at an interest rate of approximately 1%. This is possible for periods from 5 to 35 years, subject to the conditions that the mortgage is paid off before the age of 70.

The bank also naturally looks at any obligations in its own country, such as a (possible) mortgage, rent, loans, alimony and outstanding debts. Together with our partners in Switzerland, we guide you in this process.

Experience Aargau!

You will experience something new with every visit to Aargau. This way you can subdivide the canton into four versatile regions, namely Berner Aargau, the Fricktal, Baden and Freiamt, each with unique characteristics.

Realty Aargau

Nature and hiking

The regional nature park that everyone will know is of course the Jura Park Aargau, but the Water Castle of Switzerland is also a gem. At the Moated Castle, the Reuss and Limmat rivers flow into the Aare, where more than 40% of all Swiss water volume flows.

In Aargau, enjoy 1065 kilometers of hiking trails and almost 1,000 kilometers of cycling routes along green meadows, floodplains and impressive forest areas.

Water and relaxation

You will also visit Aargau for water, recreation and relaxation. Rest and relaxation are core values ​​of the region with wonderful thermal baths in Bad Schinznach, Bad Zurzach and Rheinfelden. For example, when visiting, you should not miss the natural hot springs with temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius and the highest sulfur concentration in all of Switzerland.

Culture and cities

Discover impressive fortresses and castles in Aargau. Relive the area's interesting and famous past. Here you will find countless traces of the Habsburg nobility, age of chivalry and Romans. There are 13 historic city centers and more than 70 museums and exhibitions in Aargau.

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