Real estate in Lustica Bay

The luxury real estate on the coast of Montenegro is internationally recognized as an attractive investment opportunity. This is because of the location, natural beauty and potential of the destination. For example, with real estate in Lustica Bay, Montenegro is well on its way to becoming the new Monaco of Europe, with luxurious homes, shopping centers, a golf course and marina. In addition, the country applies an income tax of 9 percent, tax incentives and other benefits for investment companies and entrepreneurs.

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Montenegro has been using the euro as its currency since 2002. With an average economic growth of 3.4% real estate and tourism are the most important sectors with an annual profit of approximately 3.5 billion euros. More information or a question? Feel free to contact us. We will discuss the options in a short information meeting.

Lustica Bay and real estate

Real estate in Lustica Bay available

Montenegro's coastline has a rich maritime history and has been popular with sailors for centuries. This is reflected in the Bay of Kotor with palaces, churches, villas and islands with lovely buildings. It is not for nothing that the area enjoys the protected status of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the region you will find a number of beautiful sights, including:

  • Boka Bay: perhaps the most beautiful bay in Europe.
  • Porto Montenegro: new and luxurious marina that attracts the richest in the world.
  • Kotor: Unique open-air museum with palaces of wealthy sailors and beautiful panoramas.
  • Perast: An authentic town with 2 churches built on islands; Our Lady of the Rocks and St George Monastery.
  • Budva: Beaches, catering, a vibrant nightlife and luxury superyachts.
  • Sveti Stefan: a seaside resort in Montenegro with a unique walled fishing village on a peninsula. Residents used to use the peninsula as a refuge from a pirate attack.

Realty Lustica Bay

Property for sale in Lustica Bay

There is various real estate in Lustica Bay for sale for both temporary and permanent residence. We would like to inform you about the possibilities and the available luxury homes. The real estate has a stable return, which can (possibly) be increased through rental or even a fixed hotel concept. In addition to a permanent holiday address, when you buy a house in Montenegro, you will receive a Montenegrin passport with associated tax benefits.

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