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It's currently possible to invest in one of the fastest growing destinations in Europe; Montenegro. Located at the beautiful Adriatic Sea with a brand new marina, golf course and luxury real estate, it is a sought-after destination among investors and holidaymakers. In addition, when you buy a property in Montenegro, you will receive a Montenegrin passport and enjoy tax benefits. Buying a house in Montenegro and want more information? Contact us via the button below.

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It is no secret that substantial investments are being made in the picturesque coastline. Two huge marinas have been built, including luxury homes, hotels and shopping centers. It attracts the richest in the world, matching the allure of Monaco. In addition to all the luxurious facilities, the country has many hours of sunshine, beautiful nature, delicious local wines and a hospitable population. Buying a house in Montenegro? As a specialist, we are happy to tell you everything about the possibilities and available homes.

Montenegro real estate

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Interesting projects can be found in Tivat and the Bay of Kotor, such as Porto Montenegro and Lustica Bay. As a specialist we offer homes in the new center of Lustica Bay and the surrounding area. You have everything you need here, such as restaurants, a library and a school. Facilities such as the police, fire brigade and a care clinic are also present at a minimum distance.

FIRST. offers the possibility to buy a house in Montenegro including tax benefits and a stable housing market. In addition, the return can be increased through rental.

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Would you also like to enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of Europe? Take advantage of this unique investment opportunity in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Bay of Kotor and contact us. We are happy to tell you everything about current and existing projects and financing options.

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