Real estate in Schwyz

In the middle of Switzerland you will find the canton of Schwyz. Located between Lake Zug, Lake Lucerne and Lake Zurich, it is a lively and vibrant canton. Real estate in Schwyz is therefore highly sought after by investors all over the world. Curious about the investment opportunities, available homes or upcoming projects? Please contact us directly.

Contact FIRST.

FIRST. has been assisting investors in the purchase and sale of real estate in Schwyz and other parts of Switzerland for over 15 years. As a specialist, we know the best places and offers on the market. Also we are familiar with the (local) regulations. We are happy to advise on financial matters for an optimal return. For example, the mortgage interest on a second home may not be deductible in your own country, but can be offset against the ownership within the tax framework. Rental is also possible to increase the return on your investment, but you as the owner are of course not obliged to do so.

Realty Schwyz

Real estate in Schwyz from FIRST.

Currently we have no properties in Schwyz directly available, but there are options in surrounding regions. Like realty in Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Uri and Graubunden. So take a look at our offer in Switzerland and ask us about the possiblities. We are happy to help.

Investing in Switzerland

Political stability, strong currencies and a very high quality of life make real estate in Switzerland a safe investment. The Swiss housing market is one of the most solid markets in the world. For non-Swiss people it is possible to buy a second home or apartment in Schwyz, but there are some rules and restrictions. As a specialist, we know the laws and regulations like no other.

Mortgage in Switzerland

It is possible to obtain a mortgage in Switzerland as a foreigner. For this you need to bring in approximately 40% equity. The remaining 60% is obtained through a mortgage at a Swiss bank at the (current) interest rate of 1%. It is advantageous that the interest is fully deductible from, for example, rental income. In this way you reduce the capital and thus the wealth tax.