Swiss Real Estate with a guaranteed return

A (second) home or holiday home in Switzerland has always been in demand, but since the capital in the bank does not yield any return, interest has exploded. With us you have the opportunity to invest in Swiss real estate with a guaranteed return. For example, apartments in Leukerbad are currently available with a fixed net return of 5%. Contact us without obligation and ask us about the possibilities.

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When you buy a house in your own country, a real estate agent offers an advantage. The same applies when purchasing a home in Switzerland. As a specialist, we know the market, legislation and regulations like no other. In addition, we are familiar with the current projects and we work together with permanent partners in Switzerland. This makes both regular and recreational real estate with a guaranteed return possible.

Swiss Real Estate Guaranteed return

Real estate with a guaranteed return

Switzerland has serene tranquility, pure nature and authentic villages. This makes the country popular with tourists and investors, which makes real estate attractive and retains its value. Certainly in combination with the stable currency and politics, real estate with a fixed return is an option. There are also possibilities to increase the return through a bank or rental.

As a specialist in Swiss real estate, we guide from A to Z and show the house on location with our inspection package. An important consideration when considering is a visit on location. We facilitate an inspection trip for each location, during which you can get to know the area and the property in peace for a whole weekend.

Realty in Switzerland

Mortgage for second home

As a rule, banks provide mortgages for a second home up to 60% of the purchase price. The remainder for financing must be set off against equity. A bank in Switzerland looks at the (possible) obligations in the country of origin, such as mortgage, rent, loans, alimony and outstanding debts.

Want to know more? With an office in the Netherlands and Switzerland, we provide information in both countries and are happy to take you on a visit on location.