Tax benefits and living in Switzerland

Our customers often ask about the tax and legal aspects that come with buying a (second) home in Switzerland. What about inheritance tax, property tax, sales tax, are frequently asked questions.

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Buying a home in another country does indeed have consequences, for example income tax must be paid on the rental income. What costs can be deducted? So there are many questions. We can fully advise you about the house and its location.

Tax Switzerland

Tax benefits and living in Switzerland

In addition to a great return on your investment, real estate in Switzerland has various tax advantages. Think, for example, of possibilities regarding inheritance and gift tax in Switzerland. For example, no inheritance tax or gift tax is levied at the federal level, but this differs per canton. The rate is often considerably less and there are often exemptions from applications for gifts in a family context.

It can therefore be tax attractive to establish yourself in Switzerland. Would you like more information or advice on such tax issues? We are more than happy to help.

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The laws and regulations governing the purchase of a house in Switzerland can be complex and subject to change. Together with our partners in Switzerland, we provide support for a smooth process and full service real estate agency. Do you want more information or do you have a question? We are ready to help.