Porto Letizia - Porlezza

Porto Letizia is located in the scenic Swiss-Italian Lake District. Where Swiss sophistication meets Italian ''joie de vivre''. The excellent location at Lake Lugano offers plenty of opportunities.

Porto Letizia - Enjoying Lake Lugano

Porto Letizia is located in the picturesque Swiss-Italian Lake District. The excellent location at Lake Lugano offers plenty of opportunities. Real estate is available from 70,000 euros. There are three basic types of apartments; studio, 1-bedroom apartment or 2-bedroom apartment.

Have you always dreamed of a holiday home at Lake Lugano? Recently, an international bank completely bought up Porto Letizia holiday resort. FIRST. has been asked to handle the sales process, giving you the first opportunity to invest in real estate near Lake Lugano. This unique location combines the qualities of Switzerland and Italy and is an ultimate to explore the Italian Lake District.


Crossroads of experiences

Located just across the border of Switzerland in Italy is the holiday resort of Porto Letizia. Located at just a 10 minutes’ drive to Menaggio at Lake Como in the east and Lugano in the Swiss canton of Ticino in the west. The beautiful and affordable resort of Porto Letizia is located on the picturesque shoreline of Lake Lugano. Right next to Porto Letizia lies the small town of Porlezza which offers all amenities within a 5 minutes’ walk. It offers the perfect choice for a budget-friendly holiday in the Swiss-Italian Lake District and is loved by families, groups and couples. A dynamic sense of tranquility and fun awaits you in the resort's scenic lakeside park.

The Palazzo complex is the main building of the resort and is home to a WiFi-enabled ground floor with a helpful reception and terrace overlooking the lake. The whole area is particularly suitable for children.

Lake Lugano is nature at its best. Surrounded by beautiful lakes such as Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, green forests and mountains from 1000 to 2700 meters, Lake Lugano is ideal for enjoying cycling, hiking and the tranquility of nature. The area feels like a big natural theme park, with plenty of activities close to world famous towns and villages.


Project site Primo-Immo:

The range of homes in Porto Letizia broadly consists of the following 3 types of apartments;


- A studio for the price of about 75,000 Euros.

- A 1-bedroom apartment for about 95,000 Euros.

- A 2-bedroom apartment for about 150,000 Euros.


Within the three types of homes mentioned above, the project has many different floor plans and dimensions. For more images of the project and more information, please visit our project site www.primo-immo.ch.

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