Lustica Bay - Montenegro

Luštica Bay is a location that succinctly articulates the beauty, culture and history of Montenegro.

Luštica Bay Montenegro

Set within the Luštica peninsula, Luštica Bay is nestled along a stretch of Adriatic coastline in the north western bay of Trašte, part of the Tivat Municipality and adjacent to the village of Radovići.

The first phase has now been completed at the Marina. We still have several options in the various apartment complexes in the Lustica Bay Marina. and the sale for the villafe Centrale has been opened.



In this unique environment you already own a home from € 165,000. It is 100% your property. Of course there are various options for leasing out your property. Like to know more more? Ask our specialists.

Orientation of Luštica Bay, Montenegro

Luštica is located at the entrance of  Kotor Bay, also known as the Boka Kotorska. It separates the erea from the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula has an area of ​​47 km² and is 13 km long. The highest point on the peninsula is the Obosnik peak, at 582 meters. It has 35 kilometers of coast, which covers 12% of the Montenegrin coast.

Intresting sights

  • Kotor-bay - 3,8 km
  • Rose - 7,1 km
  • Blue Grotto - 7,1 km
  • Porto Montenegro - 12,9 km
  • Clock Tower - 13,2 km
  • Sea Gate - 13,2 km
  • Citadel - 25,9 km
  • Holy Trinity Church - 25,9 km
  • Mosaics - 30,5 km
  • Clock Tower - 36,5 km

Airports:The closest airports are

  • Tivat (TIV) - 5,3 km
  • Dubrovnik (DBV) - 38 km
  • Podgorica (TGD) - 47,9 km

Closes airport to Lustica Bay is Tivat (TIV).


The project in numbers

  • 7Year
  • 7Phase(s)

  • 500Buildings
  • 1000Apartments

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