Project Cedrus - Locarno

A wonderful Mediterranean climate in combination with the well-known Swiss quality and international allure; Cedrus - Locarno project

Cedrus - Locarno

The Cedrus Residence is what happens when technology meets the splendor of nature, when architectural elegance marries contemporary design, when sensory emotions merge with the objectivity of rational beauty.

The Cedrus apartments, luxury residences with a beautiful view of Lake Maggiore, embody an architecturale vision that goes beyond mere comfort or pure beauty. They are designed in every single detail, leaving nothing to chance, equipped with a philosophy that can excite its owners and their guests, making their stay at the Residence unique and precious.

Cedrus Residence is surrounded by a forest that serves as a green backdrop. Moreover, it is crossed by a natural stream that is part of the inseparable environment of the surrounding landscape, framed by mountains and exalted by the reflection of the waters of Lake Maggiore. The splendor of the landscape can be admired from the Residence itself, with its fully evocative scenery.

The project is designed on the basis of a unique climatic condition. Through the lodges, the atria and the terraces facing the bright sunlight, the residence captures the pleasant outdoor life of Mediterranean people. The characteristic slate-coloured pitched roof stresses the balance and harmony of the proportions between the fullness and the voids in the fa├žade.

The project in numbers

  • 1Year
  • 1Phase(s)

  • 4Buildings
  • 21Apartments

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