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Luzern - Eigenthal


The Eigenthal is a high valley in the Emmental Alps. It is located at about 1,000 meters above sea level and at the north foot of Pilatus. It is located mainly in the territory of the municipality of Schwarzenberg in the canton of Lucerne

The valley boasts a unique panorma, a species-rich fauna and flora and offers a wide range of possibilities for diverse interests. In short, it's a paradise. It is best to convince yourself by visiting the Eigenthal.

The Eigenthal offers fantastic facets in each of the four seasons. For example, in the autumn and winter months, the area is usually above the fog limit and thus becomes a popular excursion destination for many sun-hungry visitors. When winter arrives, the Eigenthal turns into a dreamlike winter landscape. 

The various cross-country ski trails in Eigenthal are well known far away. With a relaxing walk or a hike on the paths, an impressive snowshoe hike in the sunshine or moonlight or a few laps on the illuminated night trail let you recharge your batteries. Enjoy unforgettable experiences in the Lucerne recreation area. 


The project is located near the Eigenthalerhof on the Fuchsbühl road in Schwarzenberg. From here it is only 550m to the destination. You can easily reach the Eigenthalerhof by post bus from Lucerne Central Station or from Malters. Of course, the Eigenthal is also accessible by car. The journey is via Kriens or Malters.

The project comprises a total of 1 multi-family house with 18 apartments. Of these, 14 apartments are in the size 2.5 rooms and 4 apartments in the size 3.5 rooms. All apartments are perfect for singles and couples but also for families with one or two children.

All apartments are optimally aligned and have functional floor plans so that you can optimally tune in to your holidays. The living atmosphere of the apartments is correspondingly pleasant. Other benefits are the brightness of the rooms, as well as the modern interior with timeless materials.


The project in numbers

  • 2Year
  • 1Phase(s)

  • 2Buildings
  • 18Apartments

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